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Error Messages ORA-40001 to ORA-40322

ORA-40001 to ORA-40322   ORA-40001: value for string must be greater than zero Cause: The input parameter in question has a value of zero or less. Action: Provide a value greater than zero for the relevant parameter. ORA-40002: wordsize must be string or greater Cause: The input wordsize is less than the prescribed limit for […]

Error Messages ORA-38029 to ORA-39962

ORA-38029 to ORA-39962   ORA-38029: object statistics are locked Cause: An attept was made to modify optimizer statistics of the object. Action: Unlock statistics with the DBMS_STATS.UNLOCK_TABLE_STATS procedure on base table(s). Retry the operation if it is okay to update statistics. ORA-38101: Invalid column in the INSERT VALUES Clause: string Cause: INSERT VALUES clause refers […]

Error Messages ORA-33000 to ORA-37999

ORA-33000 to ORA-37999   ORA-33000: (AGOPEN00) AGGMAP workspace object cannot be accessed because it was compiled by a more recent version of string. Cause: The AGGMAP was already compiled by a more recent version of the product than was being used to execute this command. Action: Recompile the AGGMAP in the current version. ORA-33002: (XSAGDNGL00) […]

Error Messages ORA-32800 to ORA-32848

ORA-32800 to ORA-32848   ORA-32800: internal error string Cause: An unexpected error occurred. Action: Contact Oracle Support Services. ORA-32801: invalid value string for string Cause: An invalid value was specified for a parameter. Action: Specify a valid value for the parameter. ORA-32802: value for string must be string Cause: An invalid value was specified for […]

Error Messages ORA-12400 to ORA-12497

ORA-12400 to ORA-12497 ORA-12400: invalid argument to facility error handling Cause: An argument to a facility error handling function exceeded a maximum limit or referred to an invalid product/facility. Action: Specify a valid facility error handling parameter value. ORA-12401: invalid label string: string Cause: The policy could not convert the label string to a valid […]

Error Messages ORA-12315 to ORA-12354

ORA-12315 to ORA-12354   ORA-12315: database link type is invalid for the ALTER DATABASE statement Cause: The database link name you specified on the ALTER DATABASE statement is not an ROM: link. You must specify an ROM: link when using the ALTER DATABASE statement to mount or open a secondary database. Action: Re-issue the ALTER […]

Error Messages ORA-12150 to ORA-12236

ORA-12150 to ORA-12236   ORA-12150: TNS:unable to send data Cause: Unable to send data. Connection probably disconnected. Action: Reestablish connection. If the error is persistent, turn on tracing and reexecute the operation. ORA-12151: TNS:received bad packet type from network layer Cause: Internal error. Action: Not normally visible to the user. For further details, turn on […]

Error Messages ORA-07500 to ORA-09859

ORA-07500 to ORA-09859   ORA-07500: scglaa: $cantim unexpected return Cause: VMS system service $CANTIM returned an unexpected value Action: Check for system error message and refer to VMS documentation ORA-07501: scgtoa: $deq unexpected return Cause: VMS system service $DEQ returned an unexpected value Action: Check for system error message and refer to VMS documentation ORA-07502: […]

Error Messages ORA-09870 to ORA-12100

ORA-09870 to ORA-12100   ORA-09870: spini: failure initializing maximum number of open files. Cause: ulimit system call returned an error. Action: Check errno. ORA-09871: TASDEF_NAME: translation error while expanding ?/dbs/tasdef@.dbf. Cause: Failure of sltln(?/tasdef@.dbf) while creating test and set pages. Action: Check additional return error for more information. ORA-09872: TASDEF_CREATE: create failure in creating ?/dbs/tasdef@.dbf. […]

Error Messages ORA-04930 to ORA-07499

ORA-04930 to ORA-07499   ORA-04930: open sequence number failed or initial state is valid Cause: Either Shared Sequence Number OS component was not installed properly, or an MC hardware failure may have occurred or a previous instance was not shut down properly. Action: Verify that there are no background or foreground Oracle processes from a […]