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This case is when we try to install the SERPRO trusted certificate “ACSERPROv2.cer” . This error is one BUG in OWM (Oracle Wallet Manager) follow bellow the solution :   1. Download patch 7352022 from metalink   2. Unzip the patch (e.g: linux) : unzip p7352022_10105_LINUX.zip   3. Apply the patch stopping the OAS: cd 7352022 […]

How to solve the error – ADVM/ACFS is not supported on epel-release-5-4

This issue is about Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Grid Infrastructure installation on linux Red Hat 5 x86_64 The error “ADVM/ACFS is not supported on epel-release-5-4” is one bug related a installed packages. Bug Evidence –  Look the packages (root user) rpm -qa |grep release Result: redhat-release-notes-5Server-36 epel-release-5-4 redhat-release-5Server- rpmforge-release-0.5.2-2.el5.rf NOTE: The Grid installation verify […]

Error Messages ORA-12150 to ORA-12236

ORA-12150 to ORA-12236   ORA-12150: TNS:unable to send data Cause: Unable to send data. Connection probably disconnected. Action: Reestablish connection. If the error is persistent, turn on tracing and reexecute the operation. ORA-12151: TNS:received bad packet type from network layer Cause: Internal error. Action: Not normally visible to the user. For further details, turn on […]

Error Messages ORA-01500 to ORA-02098

ORA-01500 to ORA-02098   ORA-01500: failure in getting date/time Cause: During create database or alter tablespace, there was a failure in getting the date and time. Action: Contact your customer support representative. ORA-01501: CREATE DATABASE failed Cause: An error occurred during create database Action: See accompanying errors. ORA-01502: index “string.string” or partition of such index […]